How everybody's blogging in 2017



  • Wordpress
    • stale, tons of unneeded features and stinky CMS
  • Medium
    • analytics?
    • what’s the fuss about Medium “owning” your content?
    • migration most likely going to be an issue
    • maybe not so great for technical content, geared towards prose
      • can embed gists though
    • looks nice and minimalistic
    • but also abandoned since 2014?
    • note-taking app, notes can be shared on the web (
    • what about customization, analytics, code highlighting?
  • Ghost installation hosted on Digital Ocean or something like that
    • do I feel like messing with a server on the weekends? probably not
  • Github pages
    • uses jekyll (turns markdown files into a static site with pages and posts), just push a _config.yml and markdown files to a github repo and the site is rebuilt automatically
    • can preview locally with gem install github-pages and jekyll serve
    • can inject disqus for comments, google analytics
    • out of the box themes are meh, but lots of great options at

Stuff I’m looking for

  • no fuss setup
  • clean look out of the box (on desktop and mobile)
  • light customization options but nothing too crazy like multiple columns, sidebar, embedded Twitter feed and whatnot
  • analytics and SEO options (for nice looking results in google search and sharing on social media)
  • code highlighting
  • support for markdown
  • not necessary: comments, likes…
Written on November 25, 2017