New Mac Setup

  • download and install system updates
  • turn on FileVault
  • download Chrome
  • download Dropbox
    • link config:
      # this will keep config files in sync like .gitconfig, .zshrc, Brewfile, etc.
      for f in ~/Dropbox/config/.* ~/Dropbox/config/* ; do ln $f ~ ; done
      ln  ~/Dropbox/config/.oh-my-zsh/custom/aliases.zsh ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/
      ln  ~/Dropbox/config/.oh-my-zsh/custom/functions.zsh ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/
  • download 1Password
    • pick up 1Password keychain in Dropbox
  • install Oh my Zsh
  • install brew
    • brew install mas
    • brew bundle install – should have ~/Brewfile from ~/Dropbox/config, which looks like this:

        tap 'caskroom/cask'
        tap 'caskroom/versions'
        brew 'git'
        brew 'npm'
        cask 'java8'
        cask 'sublime-text'
        mas 'Wunderlist', id: 410628904
    • create Sublime link: ln -s "$(find /Applications -name subl)" /usr/local/bin/blime
    • enter Sublime license from 1Password
  • create a new SSH key and add it to github
  • git clone [email protected]:dreynaud/sixarm_mac_setup.git
    • ~/projects/sixarm_mac_setup/bin/
    • (changes the key repeat speed, ask password after 5s…)
  • change Terminal settings
    • make Pro theme default
    • crank window size up
    • augment background opacity to 92%
    • Monaco 11pt
    • Antialias text
  • installing pip/virtualenv on system python (not recommended):
    • sudo easy_install pip
    • sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper
  • install pip/virtualenv on brewed python (better):
    • brew install python2
    • sudo pip2 install virtualenvwrapper
    • which -> /usr/local/bin/
  • configure a screensaver hot corner
    • Settings > Desktop & Screen Saver > Hot Corners > Put Display to Sleep
  • map the Caps Lock key to Esc (makes ESC-. usable again on the command line):
    • Settings > Keyboard > Modifier Keys
Written on February 9, 2018